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Product Care

Everything special in life needs to be properly cared for—including your Cordwainers footwear. When you purchase a pair of our shoes, lovingly crafted to give you long-lasting pleasure, you are also investing in our legacy

Cordwainers’ skilled craftworkers use only the highest quality materials to produce beautiful handmade footwear at reasonable prices. Proper care and maintenance of your shoes will help ensure their longevity. If you follow our recommended guidelines and treat your shoes with care, they should give you years of comfort and pleasure.

Product Care


After brushing and cleaning, leather uppers need a good-quality natural shoe cream for protection and a high-shine finish. Shoe creams prolong the upper’s life and maintain its appearance. Shoes should be dry before application. Avoid liquid-polish applicators which can damage the surface of high-quality leathers and create a hard-to-remove lacquer.

If you wear your shoes on a daily basis, use shoe cream once a week. Otherwise, apply the cream every fortnight. Shoe creams are available in a range of colors to match your footwear.

Suede and nubuck uppers can be treated with a suede protector spray. Before applying, use a rubber suede brush to lift any dirt and debris. Suede can also be revived using steam from the kettle whilst gently cleaning with the brush. Stubborn stains may need treating with a suede shampoo.


A wooden shoe tree will absorb moisture and maintain the shape of your shoes, whilst using a shoe horn when putting them on will prevent damage to the heels, counter and topline.

Leather soles can expand when wet so it’s best to avoid very wet conditions. In the event that your shoes do become sodden, be sure to dry them out slowly and naturally, away from direct heat. Leather shoes often take a full day to dry out from even natural perspiration so, when possible, alternate your Cordwainers shoes every other day.

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